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Here’s what you get: 

1) Get-to-know-you-day.

Plan on 60-90 minutes to tell me your story. All or as much as you like. I want to hear what happened, and I want you to hear what happened. I’ll introduce you to the idea of having different parts within you that may have different opinions about what you are doing with your life and with music, specifically. BONUS: Receive Your Very Own Personalized Custom Harp Music for Meditation. Once I know your story a bit, I will create custom music for your meditations for the rest of the program.

2) Overcoming Musical Obstacles.

How to Give Old Beliefs a New Job. This is an intensive session where we identify all the core beliefs that you hold that are no longer serving you. We’ll gently release those old beliefs, and create new ones that will serve you better..

3) Interviewing Your Muse.

I was an award-winning journalist in my younger years, and I’ll teach you the Journalist’s Questions for getting to know your creative side better.

4) Law of Attraction for Musicians.

Using the concept of musical vibration, I’ll teach you how to attract the kind of musical experiences you really want.

5) Overcoming Musical Obstacles.

Cleaning Up. We’ll do a second session now that you know your Muse, and you understand how to use Law of Attraction to create the kind of musical life you want. In this session, we set intentions that will move you forward.

BONUS: If you know you are an Indigo Child or it becomes clear that you are one, you are eligible to receive special clearing techniques for Indigos.

6) “How” Session.

In this session, we’ll create your Musical Attraction Plan, complete with actions items that you create yourself with your Muse and Law of Attraction.

7) Bonus: Interview with a New Blooming Muse.

Once you complete the program, you are eligible to be interviewed for the “New Blooming Muses” video series that I am creating.

 The Deets

  • Our calls will be spaced about two weeks apart to give you time to integrate the ideas we come up with, and to give you time to think and reframe your ideas about making music.
  • All of our calls will be recorded, so you can go back later and listen to all the juicy, helpful stuff we are going to create together.
  • This is a $3797 package…all complimentary. 

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