Holistic Harpistry by Cymber Lily Quinn

Cymber Lily Quinn, Learn Holistic Harp in 60 Days!

There is a woman…


She is forever thinking about harps


Cymber Lily Quinn, healing harpist and calmness coach

Cymber Lily Quinn was featured on National Public Radio’s “Hearts of Space.” She was awarded four Big Island Music Awards for her recordings.

No matter where she journeys, she knows that 

sweet harp music stops her in her tracks and sends her…home. 


Perhaps she plays a harp already. 

Perhaps she has been detoured by life’s twists and turns.


But now


She is ready … to explore her own interior, and 

express it through the harp.

Open to the unexpected

the heartache, the dreams and the joys. 


Cymber Lily Quinn, Holistic Harpistry, harpist, composer, teacher, coach

Cymber can help you make your harp dreams come true.

There is a woman…ready to adventure…with a harp. 

She is ready to become who she truly is. 


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