Welcome Back to Music

Cymber Lily Quinn, healing harpist and calmness coach

Featured on NPR’s “Hearts of Space. Awarded four Big Island Music Awards

Have you been away from music for far too long?

Got a nagging voice that’s telling you to sing and/or play your instrument?

Dear Lapsed Musician,

I’m so glad you found your way here. My name is Cymber Lily Quinn, and I left music for 25 years. I didn’t know how much I would miss it. 

A health crisis led me back to music. In order to heal, I needed to reclaim the thing I had left behind…music.

Today, I am music teacher, composer and harpist, and my purpose is to help you return to music, connect with your inner musician, and create the music that is springing up in you even now.

When did you leave music behind?

Every month, I hear from dozens of musical people who had to set down their instruments in order to live life, maybe very good lives.

But now music is calling them. At night. In their dreams.

And they have the same fears and desires that you probably do. They hear the music in them, and they are afraid that they have forgotten everything, and that they aren’t good enough to play again.

Here’s the thing: Music is a huge playing field, and extends far, far beyond the confines of iTunes, Pandora, and old-fashioned radio. To get heart-centered music, you need to play it yourself, and often to play with others.

But how can you do that…after all this time?

Is it possible to return to music?

Yes, it is possible, and I’d like to show you my pathway back.

But to start, I had some huge fears…

For one thing, it took me three years to stop asking my husband if my practicing was bothering him. Any time, I tried to record, I would freeze and become completely mechanical. And I really struggled to remember how to read music, how to sight read, and how to “make something my own.”

I was blessed with many super-talented teachers, all of whom helped me reclaim various parts of my musical self that I had sliced off in order to survive other parts of my life.

Gradually, I healed my musical wounds. I learned to improvise and compose, and that really set me free. And I’d like to share that musical freedom with you.

Steps to Returning to Music

Step 1: Download the guided meditation, “The Chocolate Doorway to Sleep.” 

If you’re going to face your fears, you might as well do it with chocolate. I recorded this guided meditation with the Shaman of Pleasure, Stewart Blackburn, to help you sleep better and get into the place of joy, where music lives.

Step 2: Download the free article, “Overcoming Musical Fears:
What Makes You Tick Makes Your Music Tick, Too”

When you know what makes you tick, you have a powerful tool to use in overcoming your fears. Download this report and learn how to discover what makes you tick, and learn how to begin incorporating that in your music today.  

Step 3: Apply for a Return to Music Strategy Session

Contact me now for a complimentary Return to Music Strategy Session. We’ll review your musical past, the voices that are talking to you now, and come up with a plan that will help you bring music back into your life in a way that feels wonderful, connects you with your muse, and nourishes your soul.

Welcome Home. Welcome Back to Music. It’s a great place to be and belong.

Cymber Lily

Founder and director, Blooming Musicas

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