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What is Holistic Harpistry?

Holistic Harpistry

Holistic Harpistry is a combination of traditional harp playing skills, healing music, and connection to your interior, so you can bring your own music forth into the world. I teach lessons in a way that matches your learning style. Rusty on reading music? No problem…we’ll start learning by ear. Want to skip the theory and get right to playing? Sure, we can dive right into the strings. (Of course, I need to show you some basic posture and safety stuff first).

Prefer a more traditional route? Let’s talk. I might be the right teacher for you, and I might not. But if I am not, I am friends and colleagues with many other harp teachers, and I can help you find the right one. No matter how you like to learn, at the heart of Holistic Harpistry is a way to get connected with your own soul, your Inner Ears, and your body and fingers. As these various parts become integrated, your own music will begin to flow out, healing you and your world.



Want to get started?

Sign-up for my free video series, “How to Get Started Playing Holistic Harp.” And contact me. Let’s chat and figure out what your next steps can be.

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