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Getting started with harps. Class 3: Don’t let these small hurdles stop you from playing harp

Always Wanted to Play Harp? Maybe for a long time. But three main things may have stopped you so far: How to buy a harp. I’ll agree, buying you first harp can feel quite daunting. There are a lot of unknowns for the beginner. It doesn’t help that there are no standards for harp-making. How do you know how to choose?  How to find a teacher. It’s not like we’re hanging around street corners, dancing with big plexiglass signs. So how do you find the teacher who is a good fit for you? How to find your confidence. At some point, you’re going to sit back and wonder what you have gotten yourself into, and maybe wonder if it’s possible at all.  You are in the right place, and I’m here to help!  Watch my free “How to Get Started Playing Holistic Harp” video series, and learn how to find the right harp, the right teacher, and how to find the confidence to begin.


First Stars of the Evening – Harp Meditation and Relaxation Music

Not everyone has access to a pampering spa often enough, so transforming a bath into a special oasis is a wonderful solution. This is where Cymber’s new album comes in, together with a candle, some soothing scents and oils. Don’t forget the bubbles!

“Spa in a Box” is an invitation to take a break, to let go and return refreshed after a short journey into the magical world of warmth and sound.


BUY IT HERE  >>>  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/cymberlilyquinn4

“Green Harp” Tutorial Part 2: Section A, Right Hand

This video tutorial covers how to play the right-hand melody of Megan Metheney’s jazz tune, “Green Harp.” I created a left-hand backing track to practice with, located on my SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/cymber-lily-quinn/green-harp-lf-comp-with-drums


You can see PART 1 of this tutorial HERE >>>  https://cymber.com/youtubes/green-harp-tutorial-part-1-section-a-left-hand/


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