Spa in a Box – Fresh Smell of Rain

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Hawaii-based harpist and composer, Cymber Lily Quinn has released her third harp meditation album, Spa in a Box. Perfect for relaxation!

Check out this track, “Fresh Smell of Rain.”


Over the years, Cymber Lily has released many award-winning harp meditation recordings, as well as collaborations with meditation and relaxation teachers

— all of these help you find calm and inner peace.

Be our guest and find your peaceful place.

Cymber Lily is a Hawaii-based pioneering instrumentalist and composer, specializing in harp meditation music. A Reiki master, Cymber Lily infuses her nature-based harp music with relaxation energies. Her recent release, Spa in a Box, takes the listener on a journey of meditation, relaxation, release, and renewal – all in the time it takes to take a bubble bath at home.

Cymber Lily’s visionary musical direction has garnered her five Big Island Music Awards. Her first CD Seasons of the Soul, a harp meditation based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, was featured on National Public Radio’s Hearts of Space. She has produced 3 full-length harp relaxation CDs, many singles, lots of spoken-word guided meditations, and a Chi-Gung exercise DVD.

Today, she lives and plays in Hilo, Hawaii, where she is a founding member of Hilo Harp Circle, and the founder and musical director of Tropical Pops, a collaboration of royal Hawaiian music, jazz, pop, classical, holiday and folk music. She is working on her next recording project, Remembering Queen Lili’uokalani and her Music, due out later in the year.

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