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A Gift For You: The Chocolate Doorway | A Guided Meditation by Stewart Blackburn


The Shaman of Pleasure : Award-Winning New Age Meditation Harpist, Composer & Coach.

While savoring chocolate is a magnificent experience all by itself, by turning our focus to the pleasure of eating the chocolate, we become aware of much more. This simple meditation is intended to help you explore the greater world behind the world through the medium of savoring, chocolate in this case. You will want a piece of chocolate or a bite of something else that is very flavorful to take full advantage of this meditation. Enjoy!

Melt away your troubles and find deep relaxation in this guided meditation by Stewart Blackburn, The Shaman of Pleasure. Our gift to you…




Right-click on the soundbar below, and save “The Chocolate Doorway” to your device.

With Stewart Blackburn

Over the years, I have had the privelege to work with The Shaman of Pleasure, Stewart Blackburn. Together we created these guided meditations to help you get the very most out of life, and to remember that a big part of this journey is about pleasure.

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