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About Me

Cymber Lily Quinn

“Offering up blissfully ambient compositions, carefully balancing skill with artistic intention and plenty of relevant space, her music transcends the barriers of traditional mainstream releases, and instead presents listeners with a truly compelling audio experience; the sort that’s all at once organic, genuine, and delicately dreamlike.”StereoStickman.com

A Colorado native, Cymber Lily Quinn is an award-winning harpist and composer, specializing in background music and house concerts that nourish relationships. A Reiki master, she infuses her nature-based music with relaxation energies that encourage conversation and connection.

Live Performances & Background Music
Cymber plays background music for catered and corporate events. She recently played for an On The Vine catered dinner at the Walker Fine Arts Gallery in downtown Denver. She has played for weddings, funerals, remembrance services, labyrinth walks, and more.

Cymber is a founding member of the Hilo Harp Circle, which has been meeting continuously since 2008. She was the founder and musical director of Tropical Pops, a soft jazz/classical trio of harp/bass/flute. She also participated as the Queen’s Harpist in living history performances of Hawaiian Royalty. Cymber Lily is a member of the Bay Area Chapter of the American Harp Society.

While live performances are her favorite, she also has recorded 3 CDs and numerous singles of instrumental music and guided meditation with top teachers. Seasons of the Soul, Cymber Lily’s first CD, was featured on National Public Radio’s Hearts of Space and on Hawaii Public Radio, and garnered a Big Island Music Award.

Her most recent CD, Spa in a Box, contains hand-crafted, spa-quality harp music. Spa in a Box takes the listener on a journey of relaxation, release and renewal – all in time time it takes to take a bubble bath at home.

Cymber Lily’s visionary musical direction and mindful harp music has garnered her five Big Island Music Awards for New Age Music.

Harp Lessons and Coaching
Cymber is the founder of Rosalani Harp Academy, named for her grandmother, Rosa, who played piano and organ. Learn more harp lessons and coaching…here…>>>

She lives in Parker, Colorado, with her dogs, Peanut and Flower. She has students in Hawaii, California, Colorado, Chicago, Florida, and Europe.




Full Length Harp Meditation Albums

2011         Seasons of the Soul

Big Island Music Award Winner – featured on National Public Radio’s Hearts of Space

2012          Time Tinctures

Big Island Music Award Winner – featured on Sounding Circles Radio

Big Island Music Award Winner – featured on Sounding Circles Radio

Harp Meditation Singles

2011          Writing Letters Home

2012          Slow Motion Shooting Star

2016          Silent Night

2016          Band of Angels

Big Island Award Winner

Spoken Word Guided Harp Meditations


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