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A Gift For You: The Chocolate Doorway Guided Meditation

With Valentine’s Day just barely in the rearview window, you may find you still have one or two chocolates lying around. Here’s what to do with them: Savor them. Very slowly. With this meditation…The Chocolate Doorway. (works with imaginary chocolate, too).

The Pleasure of Savoring

A few years ago, I met the meditation teacher, Stewart Blackburn, here on the Big Island of Hawai’i (see more about Stewart below). His teachings circle around the idea that if you are well-practiced in savoring life, it will be easier to ride out the difficulties, too.

“While savoring chocolate is a magnificent experience all by itself, by turning our focus to the pleasure of eating the chocolate, we become aware of much more,” Stewart says.

This simple meditation is intended to help you explore beautiful inner worlds through the medium of enjoying a chocolate.  Enjoy!


Melt away your troubles and find deep relaxation in this guided meditation. My gift to you…

  1. Find a quiet place where you can listen for 11 minutes.
  2. To listen on this page, click on the play button.
  3. To download the MP3 fileright click here and select “save link as”, then choose where you want to save the file.
  4. Relax and allow this harp meditation to lead you to your inner happy place.


With Stewart Blackburn

Over the years, I have had the privilege to work with The Shaman of Pleasure, Stewart Blackburn. Together we created these guided meditations to help you get the very most out of life and to remember that a big part of this journey is about pleasure.

Spa in a Box

Spa in a Box | Harp Music from CymberIt’s been a long day. You looking forward to kicking off your shoes, relaxing and going into a quiet, meditative space.

Light a candle or two. Get a big glass of water. Start a hot bath, and put on this music when you are ready to get into the tub. Spa in a Box is designed to take you on a journey of relaxation, into your deepest parts of yourself to release any darkness or gunk that might be hiding there. Then you’ll return refreshed and ready for bed or ready for the next part of your day.

Track Six: Walking Toward the Sun is the music that lightens you after you have had a hard day, a dark night of the soul, or a deeply relaxing bath. You know that whatever you have released will give way to you Walking Toward The Sun

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