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An Update on a Friend – Check This Out!

Many years ago, when I was still living in the green house in Hakalau, Hawaii, Andrea Cortez came and spent a month studying with me. Since then her career has blossomed. Literally.

Andrea studies the sounds and energies that plants make. She records their sounds, and works with them. Today, she is with my dear friend and amazing Sound Woman, Willa Snow, recording interactive plant music. Her recording will be released August 14.

Wooohooo Andrea and Willa Snow. Love you both so much! ❤

“Sending a thank you to Cymber Lily Quinn for planting the seed of this vision in my mind, which gave me the encouragement that this could be possible…. This morning was the best birthday to be able to play harp inside Tillery Street Plant Co. greenhouse. And thank you Cymber for reconnecting Willa Snow and I! What a difference it makes to have a skilled sound engineer like Willa, thank you!! 💛💛🎶🥰. Our Live Release of “Plants in Harmony” with interactive plant music and harp is happening on August 14th, tickets Mind Body Music Center events.” – Andrea C.
Cymber hands

Free Harp Mini Series!

Cymber hands

Learn to Play the Harp – Absolute Beginner Lessons Mini-Course!

Have you ALWAYS wanted to learn the harp? Here’s your chance! Take this mini course consisting of 6 easy virtual classes by me – Cymber Lily Quinn!

Lesson 1 – Posture and Harp Position
Lesson 2 – More about hands and The First Note, D
Lesson 3 – The note D and more notes
Lesson 4 – Playing with a backing band
Lesson 5 – D and more notes to play
Lesson 6 – Jam Along

These lessons will be delivered to your inbox over the next week or so. This is a beginner course for those who want to learn the harp! I hope you enjoy.

Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp for Sale

What to do when you’ve been gifted 4 fantastic harps in the past year? Upgrade and sell the ones that aren’t being played. This one is a beauty. It’s been played maybe 10 times. Come with two free lessons!

The Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp takes the Harpsicle® Line to the next level by adding the richness of solid cherry wood. Include s full Rees levers, and in the lowest octave, wrapped strings for improved feel and voice. This is a wonderful, professional, quality harp in a small, light form factor that can travel virtually anywhere right along with you. Cherry is especially interesting in that when your harp is young the wood will be the reddish honey color shown below and as your harp ages the color of the cherry deepens into a rich red with golden highlights. (new $1250)
Price: $1100
Custom Harpsicle Case (new $150)
Price: $75
Harp Lessons – 2 one-hour harp lessons ($160)
Price: FREE (must be used with 60 days of purchase)
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