New Year. New Music. Right Here.

I’ve started a new relationship with nature in my music. I’ve always been in love with natural cycles of weather, water, wind, clouds.

I come by it naturally. My grandfather was a National Weather Service weather man for 41 years. He knew clouds from both sides, now.

After going on a winter retreat to Estes Park, I decided it was time to record meditation music with nature again. It has been a while.

This is new music. On a brand new YouTube channel. (So be sure to Like and Subscribe and Hit the Bell).  

Just for you.

And it’s not yet for sale.

It will be part of a larger Nature & The Harp project that is coming out this year in 2021.


15 Minutes of Winter Harp Music & River Song. Sleep Well.
This is a brand new YouTube Channel, so please Like & Subscribe. Thank you!!
This is my favorite winter spot: The river side of Estes Park, behind MacDonald’s Bookstore and Inkwell Card Shop, next to the Big Thompson River. I’ve been coming here since this river walk opened in 1992. I missed a few years, but glad to be able to get in some twinkly lights and inspiration for “Winter Harp & River Song”, the new music in the YouTube above.


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