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Seasons of the Soul CD

How to Move Peacefully into Winter

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are entering the season of Winter. The Solstice on December 21, tomorrow, marks the shortest day of the year and welcomes the longest night. It’s at this time of the year that I encourage my listeners to slow down, breathe and take stock of their year.

Winter is the end. And the beginning. To unify with winter, look for ways to emphasize receptivity and introspection:

  • Nap in the afternoon and listen for cheerful voices in the kitchen.
  • Allow the outer weather to cool the surface of the body, while reflection and introspection warm your spiritual core.
  • Create time to rest and practice deep reflection and meditation.
  • Strengthen your listening skills.
  • Recharge your batteries.
  • Enjoy the stillness.
  • Eat a few salty foods.
  • Listen to harp meditations

About “Winter” from the award-winning CD, Seasons of the Soul

I composed “Winter” harp meditation music with Five Elements Traditional Chinese Medicine in mind. I incorporated chi balancing concepts of the chillier months including peaceful stillness and the element of water.

This is a season of deep yin and strengthens the kidney and bladder systems. Ears, bones, and adrenal glands also find rest and healing this time of year, if you stop and allow them to rebalance.

I used Pentatonic and Mixolydian music to represent the stillness, the quiet that comes after a snowfall, and the drops dripping from icicles the next day.

Enjoy this free track from Seasons of the Soul, and find your easy transition into Winter.

PS – If you enjoy this track, consider buying the entire CD as a download here… https://cymber.com/product/seasons-of-the-soul/




Inspiring Performance at Globe Sound Healing Conference

Cymber Quinn
Cymber Quinn offers “harp blessings” at the conference, which was attended by about 250 people on Sunday. (Sherry LaVars/Special to Marin Independent Journal)

What a blessing to be able to perform at the Globe Sound Healing Conference 2016, at the Marin Headland YMCA. I played in the Sound Garden in extraordinarily beautiful weather.

Usually, the headlands are windy, foggy, or cold, and often all three. It was a rare treat to have a warm sunny day, though my listeners were pretty baked by the time I was finished playing.

I performed “Seasons of the Soul” for this experienced sound healing crowd. Normally, I play the pieces in order, but always with a level of improvisation that allows me to respond to the energy in the room. This time, this group needed the concert played out of order, which was a fun and challenging experience. I had to keep track of all that I had played, so I knew what to do last.

Pro tip for harpists: Always dress well, even in your traveling clothes. Because you might forget your performance outfit and have to perform in what you are wearing, as I did at this gig.

For more information about the Globe Sound Healing Conference and Festival, here’s the link…>>  https://soundhealingcenter.com/conference/

And here’s the link to the full article by the Marin Independent Journal…>>   https://www.marinij.com/2016/09/25/sound-advice-dispensed-at-marin-headlands-health-confab/



Seasons of the Soul – Autumn


Seasons of the Soul is a five-part solo harp meditation, based on Five Elements Chinese Medicine. Each section addresses a specific season, which corresponds to specific organ systems in the body.

In addition, as a Reiki practitioner, I activated the flow of Reiki into my hands as I played these pieces. The end result is a 50-minute, repeatable Reiki session.

You can enjoy “Seasons of the Soul” alone or with others. Massage practitioners may want to use the CD background for sessions. Acupuncturists may use the recording in conjunction with other energy balancing techniques. Listeners may listen to the whole CD straight-through or listen to particular tracks to address specific energy issues.

Seasons of the Soul won the Big Island Music Award for New Age Music in 2011.






Autumn – Season of Decay and Turning Inward
Sept. 23 – Dec. 21 (north); Mar. 22 – June 21 (south)

Autumn is the season of harvest, and time to pull inward and gather together on all levels. As the growing season winds down, we store up food and fuel. We set aside time to plan and study for the approaching stillness of winter. Everything contracts and moves inward. It is the time of reflection or even grieving. It is the time when the lungs draw in energy and release all that is old. It is a time to organize for the next year, to smell baked goods and eat stews, squash and beans.

Other Autumn words
• Elements: Air and Metal
• Yin rising, lesser Yin
• Organs: Lungs, Large Intestine, Skin
• Body: Nose, Hair
• Emotion: Completion/ Grief, Sadness
• Taste: Sharp
• Climate: Drought
• Life Stage: Maturity
• Colors: White
• Meditation words: Pull inward, contract, harvest, organize
• Musical modes: Phrygian and Locrian



You can purchase Seasons of the Soul as a download or a physical disk using the play window below…


Listen to “Seasons of the Soul” on NPR’s “Hearts of Space”

I was fortunate to be included on an episode of National Public Radio’s “Hearts of Space”.  The show focused on the “chordophone” family of instruments:

Let’s consider, gentle listener, the “chordophone” family of musical instruments. It’s a large, diverse brood including almost anything with stretched strings: zithers, lyres, harps, lutes, guitars, the violin family, hundreds of ethnic string instruments like the Japanese koto and the African kora, and not least keyed zithers like the harpsichord and the piano.

Chordophones can be plucked, strummed, bowed, keyed, or struck. Looking back in time, zithers, lyres and harps were the foundational instruments of the chordophone family. They were used in antiquity to accompany recitations and promote healing. On this transmission of Hearts of Space, we ride the soft strings of the harp and zither to a place close to silence, on a program called CHORDOPHONICS.

You can listen the show in its entirety here >  https://www.hos.com/#program/1016


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