December Holidays

Essential Oil Blend & Harp Meditation


Take a little time for you this holiday season. Simply put on the harp music, and open the bottle and breathe in the essential oil scents. You’ll be in a peaceful place of beauty in just a few moments. You’ll also receive a Plant Spirit Interpretation of the oil, and a Guide for Use.

Take a moment and listen to a sample of the December Holidays harp meditation music while you are choosing either a small bottle or large…


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Imagine you find December this year beautiful and sacred. You feel spacious and sense your Inner Light shining brightly. You relax into the peace of the Earth and integrate the year’s blessings and lessons with ease and grace.

This is just what we had in mind when we designed the oil blend and harp meditation for “December Holidays.” Simply put on the harp music, and open the bottle and breathe in the scents. You’ll be in a peaceful place of beauty in just a few moments.

Do you know someone else who would enjoy feeling the beauty of the quietude of the season? Give them the gift of “December Holidays” and we’ll give you both 10% off. No limit on the number of gifts you can give!

Our “December Holidays” essential oil blend and custom harp music help ease traumatic memories for those who have struggled with the holidays in the past. Our blend and music are lovingly mixed to help you transform your experience of the holidays into joy and expansiveness.

“December Holidays” essential oil blend and harp music

  • Helps you shift into a new, healthy, enjoyable December experience
  • Facilitates loving holiday relationships
  • Deepens the sacredness of the holidays

Ingredients: Love and therapeutic grade essential oils of Cedarwood Atlas, Litsea, Tea Tree, Elemi, Ravensara, Sweet Orange, Lemon Thyme, Niaouli, Pine in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Cautions: Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Consult your physician before use. Topical use only.



Sacred Scents & Sounds is a collaboration between Dr. Christina Boiano and meditation harpist Cymber Lily Quinn. Each is an expert in her field, and together they bring their years of knowledge and wisdom to create an alchemy that strengthens and enhances the experience of both the music and the custom blend.

Our essential oil blends and harp music are intended to be a supportive, expansive, sacred element in your life. As such we highly recommend you take some time each day to connect with your oil blend. Our Use Guide provides ideas and suggestions.

“December Holidays” has been crafted with specific intentions, as are all Sacred Scents & Sounds products. Dr. Christina’s essential oil blends and Cymber Lily’s harp music are profoundly healing. By providing these healing offerings together, the benefits are exponential.

Sacred Scents & Sounds is located in Santa Fe, NM, and Hawaii and can be reached at 505-780-5687 or

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