Spa in a Box

2017 Edition


Fresh Smell of Rain

Light a candle. Start a hot bath. Put on this gentle harp music and relax…deeply.
“Been listening to your music on repeat for days!” – P. Johnson, Hawaii


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Album Notes

Spa in a Box (2017 Edition) is specifically composed solo harp music, designed to take the listener on a journey of relaxation, release and renewal – all in time time it takes to take a hot bubble bath.
“Been listening to your music on repeat for days!” – P. Johnson, Hawaii
Why “Spa in a Box”…? I have a secret love of spas. It feels like a guilty pleasure. But the older I get, and the more I learn about my body, the more I feel that going to the spa is essential to my good health.
Science now tells us that if we simply take the pressures off, the body will return to its natural balance and health. And, for me, music is one of the most effective ways to reduce and transform stresses. In fact, I recently learned that listening to 20-minutes of harp music reduces blood pressure and balances cholesterol. Harp music! How cool is that?

“My house is filled with your lovely healing notes…It’s like having a friend with me!” – S. Drolet, Trois-Rivieres, Canada

How to Listen to “Spa in a Box”…

Light a candle or two. Get a big glass of water. Start a hot bath, and put on this music when you are ready to get into the tub. The CD is designed to take you on a journey of relaxation, into your deepest parts of yourself to release any darkness or gunk that might be hiding there. Then you’ll return refreshed and ready for bed or ready for the next part of your day. Here are the tracks…

Track 1. First Stars of the Evening. As you slip into the bathtub and gaze at the ceiling. Close your eyes, and imagine you are outside in a hot tub, looking at the stars. It’s just after sunset, and the west is still glowing. But the eastern sky is getting darker, and the first stars of the evening are just starting to show. You know your day is over, and you can rest.

Track 2. Fresh Smell of Rain. It starts to rain, in your imagination. If you like, you can stay in the outdoor hot tub and enjoy the rain. Or you can imagine yourself back indoors, listening to the rain on the roof. Smell the first few drops. Everything, including you, is going to be washed clean.

Track 3. Grace. This is the moment when you know you can truly set down your load and really relax. Grace has you covered. Grace carries your load for a while. Grace allows you to sink deeper into the water, and feel how wonderful your bathtub is.

Track 4. Healing for a Friend. Often after you’ve had some time to relax, some more difficult moments might come to mind. This music helps you to embrace the hurting parts, and comfort them.

Track 5. In the Wee Hours. If we’ve been up all night with our feelings, it can be a little draining. Like staying up all night to talk to your best friend, it’s fun, rewarding, and…well…you’ve been up all night. This is the music of those delicate hours when we might confess a few embarrassing moments.

Track 6. Walking Toward the Sun. You’ve seen the whole night – Sunset in Track 1 and now Sunrise in Track 6. You have bathed your way through the night, faced a few things, released them into the tub, and now are refreshed and ready for a good night of sleep.


©Copyright – Cymber Lily Quinn / Cymber Lily Quinn (888295490160)

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