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Yes, I take requests! If you have a special need for harp music, or have a friend who needs some inner peace, let me know. I do these as I have time, and will let you know when yours is coming.

Free Requests

Yes, I do eventually get to all the free requests, but be patient as I also have to do things that pay the bills.

Paid Requests

Yes, I also accept payment for your requests. If you would like to pay for your request then fill details in Request Form

Transition of Jess

Transition of Jess

This was requested music for someone who passed into the next life.

Healing of Friend

Healing for a Friend

A listener sent me a simple request: “Can you record music for a friend who is healing.” Yes!

Love Music

Love Music

Recently, my husband requested some music. This is an improv based on an Elizabethan ballad, “Diverus and Lazarus.” It is one of my husband’s favorites.

Request Form



Reason for Request* (“I need a harp meditation for...”)

For this requested harp meditation, I’d like to support the artist by paying...*

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