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Do You or A Friend Need a Musical Oasis? I Take Requests!

If you need for harp music, or have a friend who needs some inner peace, let me know in the form below. I’ve included a few examples of requests I have received over the years at the bottom of the page.

I do this healing work by donation, so please give yourself or a friend this gift of musical rest and relief.

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Reason for Request* (“I need a harp meditation for...”)

For this requested harp meditation, I’d like to support the artist by paying...*

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Transition of Jess

Transition of Jess

This was requested music for someone who passed into the next life.

Healing of Friend

Healing for a Friend

A listener sent me a simple request: “Can you record music for a friend who is healing.” Yes!

Love Music

One of my favorite an Elizabethan ballads, “Diverus and Lazarus” provided the inspiration for this love improv.

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