Aloha Cymber,

I have been thinking of writing to you for several weeks now.  My daughter Faith and I took your harp class at New Thought Center of Hawaii a while back and you often come to mind. 

I was cleaning my house ( a by-product of this time) and found your music Spa in a Box and that night, after we did our nightly ritual of book reading (she is 6 now and reads to me) and song singing and back stroking (ie. moving energy) I played your Spa music and we relaxed more deeply than we could imagine and fell asleep. 

Now it is a part of our nightly ritual and she won’t go to sleep unless I play your music, so I remember your sweet face, send you much aloha and appreciation, and we fall deeply asleep.

Mahalo for all you do and especially who you BE!


Pomaika’i Coulon

Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i 


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