CYMBER : Time Tinctures : award-winning New Age meditation & healing harpist, composer & coach

Do you ever wish you had a musical answer for life’s questions? Looking for a haven from the chaos of life? Want  to feel like you’re floating on a cloud?Time Tinctures was created to offer you specific musical solutions to life’s most common problems and desires.

“What a magnificent spiritual offering to help others!” Lady Olivia Robertson, founder of the Fellowship of Isis, Ireland

These following tracks are infused with the healing energies of Reiki, a Japanese system of relaxation and healing:

  1. 1. To Bring Affection
  2. 2. To Show Appreciation
  3. 3. To Become Grounded
  4. 4. Healing Cosmic Separation
  5. 5. Dreamy Afternoon
  6. 6. Bringing Light to Who We Really Are
  7. 7. To Release Wistful Joy
  8. 8. Rise Above Anger
  9. 9. Looking for the Answer
  10. 10. Healing for Humiliation
  11. 11. Healing for a Broken Heart
  12. 12. Healing for Defeat
  13. 13. Healing Homesickness
  14. 14. Healing an Aching Heart
  15. 15. Healing Separation

Time Tinctures won the Big Island Music Award for New Age Music in 2012.
You can purchase Time Tinctures as a CD or a download, using the play box below.


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