The Universe SpeaksThe Master Hears The Universe Speak

There is no one coming to join her at the center of the Milky Way. Nevertheless, she thoroughly enjoys the accelerated fun. Alone again next galaxy over,, she stays all day in the Andromeda cluster, perfectly content, with no one to tell her she should see everything. She buys her single ticket at the Box Office of the Stars and watches a super nova explode.

Most people can’t enjoy the intimacy of a moment in total solitude. She’s clearly mastered, mastering her own universe. She hears The Universe Speak, in a way that no one else can hear.

Are you jealous? You don’t need to be.

You, too, can hear the striking sound, your hands running through the stars the way she does. You, too, can hear the stars whisper, all in the gentle solitude.

Download “The Universe Speaks” today. Just right click on the sound bar below and save it to your favorite device. And be sure to share this bit of sparkle with your friends, too.


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