Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a long conversation about jazz harp and life with Ben Creighton Griffiths of Cardiff, Wales. 

We talk about how he got started playing the harp, and what led him to jazz. We talk about types of jazz that work easily on the harp and types that are nearly impossible. 

Ben shares his current projects including: 

  • Chube – Ben’s electro fusion trio
  • Transatlantic Hot Club – 1930s French swing and gypsy jazz outfit led by Ben and Adrien Chevalier.
  • Ben’s own solo material – a mix of jazz standards from across the different subgenres

I asked Ben for advice for beginning harpists, and how to get started. And we talk about several pathways for experienced harpists who want to get into jazz. 

Pull up a chair and a favorite beverage. You’re in for a treat.



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